12244 - Orthognathic Surgery (Spanish)

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Orthognathic Surgery Help patients understand how orthognathic surgery can improve jaw function and facial appearance. This comprehensive continuum of care guide is both a consultation tool and a home reference. A fresh, contemporary look, including enhanced anatomical art and full-color photography, engages readers, answers common questions and helps set expectations for treatment and outcomes.
  • Overbite, open bite, underbite and asymmetry problems. Functional, aesthetic benefits
  • Evaluation, diagnosis and forming a treatment plan
  • Presurgical orthodontics and preparing for surgery
  • Types of surgery, risks and complications
  • Short and long-term recovery with specific tips for easing discomfort
  • Risks and complications, when to call the surgeon
  • 16 pages, full-color photography and enhanced anatomical artwork.
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