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90% of adults have difficulty following routine medical advice.1

Patients can find it hard to follow provider instructions because they’re confused or overwhelmed by what they’re told, and too embarrassed to ask questions. Krames patient education helps: 

  • Increase patient understanding
  • Support shared decision-making and informed consent
  • Reduce pre-op complications and readmission
  • Encourage compliance with self-care skills, and medication and lifestyle instructions

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Prices and availability subject to change. This savings offer expires July 7, 2019, and applies to Krames patient education print products only. Print Packs, KramesArt, electronic, and custom products not eligible for discount. Offer cannot be combined with volume discounts. Minimum order of $250 (before imprinting/shipping charges) required.

1 Young S. Infographic: Physicians are overestimating patient communication. Ragan’s Health Care Communication News. March 10, 2015. Accessed May 1, 2019.

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