50-1732 - Understanding and Controlling Your High Blood Pressure (Bilingual), AHA

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Realizing that one has high blood pressure (HBP) is key to keeping it in check and this useful brochure helps individuals understand their condition and adopt healthy lifestyle changes to manage it. Includes: 

  •  Guidance based on high blood pressure guidelines released in November 2017, including redefinition of "High Blood Pressure" to help identify this condition earlier and reduce risk for heart disease, stroke and other diseases
  •  Risk factor information including both modifiable and relatively fixed risk factors
  •  Graphic to enhance content on how HBP damages the body 
  •  Information on proper use of home blood pressure monitoring
  •  Direction to free online resource: Check. Change. Control.® Tracker, offered by AHA as a way to track and monitor blood pressure (in English).
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