12270 - Asthma and Your Child (Spanish)

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Asthma and Your Child: All About Asthma Refreshed with a clean, modern layout including full-color photography and enhanced anatomical art, this popular ""two-booklets-in-one"" design combines asthma facts for parents with informational activities for kids (up to approximately age 11). Meets current AAAAI guidelines.
  • Emphasizes importance of long-term controller medications
  • Encourages parents and children to work together with their health care team
  • 24 pages, full-color photography, enhanced anatomical art and cartoon artwork
  • Parent's booklet -- 16 pages.
  • Recognizing symptoms of an asthma flare-up and appropriate medications
  • How to use inhalers, including dry-powder inhalers
  • Reducing triggers and developing a personalized action plan
  • ""Is Asthma in Control?"" provides simple, easy-to-remember rule to monitor if treatment is working
  • Children's booklet -- 8 pages
  • Includes cartoons, drawing, coloring and other activities
  • How lungs work
  • Inhalers, asthma zones, triggers
  • How to tell people about your asthma
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