Materials for Health Care Providers

Krames Patient Education materials for Health Care Providers

Provide engaging education that improves comprehension, supports shared decision making and informed consent.

Krames Patient Education materials support over 300,000 doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners in clinics and private practices. You can trust our health literacy tools to:

  • Build awareness of disease and process
  • Support your recommendations
  • Save time
  • Support informed decisions
  • Motivate compliance with your instructions
  • Support successful rehabilitation and prevent re-injury
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Allay patients fears/reassure family
  • Establish positive rapport, build referrals

When you choose Krames Patient Education, you can be sure you are communicating the information your patients need in a way that they’ll best understand. Check out our products for yourself, and put these tools to work for you. Start shopping now in the following popular specialties:

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