Promote Healthier LifestylesPromote Healthier Lifestyles

Promote healthier lifestyles with health education materials for State and Local Governments

Deliver Public Health education designed to empower people to take an active role in self-care and management of their conditions.

We offer a discount to state and local government agencies that starts at 35.25% and increases with the size of your order.

GSA contract number is GS-02F-0106Y (expires 03/22/2017, SIN #760-1, SIN #760-2, and SIN #760-6).

Meet your communities’ health literacy needs with engaging, easy-to-read Krames print education. Provide materials that:

  • Build awareness of health risks and prevention strategies
  • Increase comprehension with health literacy design principles, including plain language
  • Reach diverse audiences with all health education titles available in English and Spanish
  • Engage individuals with behavior-based learning models and interactive elements
  • Motivate healthy lifestyles
  • Promote awareness of safety and injury risks

Krames print education can do all that, and more.

FastGuides Health and Wellness ToolsFastGuides Health and Wellness Tools

FastGuides® health and wellness tools are perfect for mail-based initiatives to promote behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our durable, reader-friendly FastGuides fit into a standard business envelope. And like all our products, they are available in English and Spanish. Quick-scan bulleted lists increase comprehension. Topics cover health and wellness and disease management information including:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Better food choices
  • Weight management
  • Becoming more active

Our titles cover the following topics, and more:

Our health education can help you communicate the information people need in a way that they’ll best understand. Check out the categories below and start shopping now for engaging, easy-to-read titles that motivate readers and drive healthy behaviors.

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