Nutrition Social Media Package 2019

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Day 1:
Cooking Technique

Lighten up! Skip the heavy breading and try cooking in the Mediterranean style to bring out the flavors of your ingredients. Grilling, roasting, and a quick pan-fry with heart-healthy olive oil means fewer calories and more healthy fats to help you reap the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Want to learn how to butterfly a chicken breast? Visit

Day 2:

Don't forget your greens! Start or end your meals the Mediterranean way with a salad made of dark, leafy spinach, kale, or arugula, and you'll get all the heart benefits plus a dose of vitamins A and C, folate, and calcium. Bonus: New research shows they can help stave off memory loss as you age.

Day 3:

Vegetables are key to enjoying the health benefits of Mediterranean eating. Spice them up with heart-healthy garlic, fresh herbs, a sprinkle of hot chili, or extra virgin olive oil. Simple, fresh, and delicious! For recipes, visit

Day 4:

How to grocery shop for Mediterranean-style eating: Keep it fresh. Choose whole foods and pile on the produce to ensure you'll have plenty of the plant foods that form the basis of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Download a shopping list at Take your shopping to the next level by visiting your local farmer's market to celebrate seasonality the Mediterranean way. Visit to find one near you!

Day 5:
Meal Balance

Rethink your plate the Mediterranean way. Instead of choosing a protein first and adding veggies and starches on the side, pick a grain, bean, or vegetable main dish. Then round out the meal with a smaller portion of meat.



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Day 6:

DIY for dinner: Get the benefits of Mediterranean eating, including a lower risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more, by cooking whole foods at home. Include plenty of vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and seafood on your menu, and you'll reap healthy rewards. Try the Kale, Apple, and Cucumber Salad at for a light lunch or dinner, Mediterranean style.

Day 7:
Family Style

Follow the Mediterranean way of eating from the kitchen to the table. Set a family mealtime to gather and enjoy delicious, heart-healthy meals while savoring the connections you make at the table. Research shows family meals help kids eat healthier and reduce their risk for being overweight. Eat healthy, live healthy, together!

Day 8:
Cooking Together

Pass it on! Share the work of meal preparation with your loved ones. Cooking at home with whole foods in the Mediterranean style helps you all eat healthier while spending quality time together. Learn all the ways Mediterranean-style eating is good for your heart and soul at



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Day 9:
Olive Oil

Did you know? Extra virgin olive oil can be used in place of butter in both sweet and savory recipes! Including olive oil in your diet helps reduce your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some cancers. Store away from the heat of your stove and out of direct sunlight to preserve freshness.

Day 10:

Did you know? Children learn eating patterns from their parents, including habits that lead to type 2 diabetes. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes. You can #bethechange your family needs to lead a healthy, active life.

Day 11:
Fish; Omega 3

Fish is a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Center more meals around fish rather than red meat, and include varieties found in the Mediterranean region, such as salmon, halibut, and mackerel. You'll reduce your saturated fat intake, an important step toward lowering your cholesterol and better heart health. Hungry? Try the Baked “Fried” Fish recipe at

Day 12:

Cheers! Red wine is a staple on the Mediterranean table, and studies have shown that it can reduce the risk for heart disease. Don't overdo it—one serving a day for women and two for men is the recommended limit.

Day 13:

No time? Take a small step toward a heart-healthy Mediterranean style of eating by adding veggies to your family's favorite recipes. Shred zucchini into meatloaf, add spinach to your pizza, or throw some mushrooms into your pasta sauce. Each addition counts toward your daily goal of at least 2 cups of vegetables.

Day 14:

Healthy and filling whole grains play a starring role in Mediterranean cuisine. Try farro, wheat berries, or quick-cooking bulgur in place of pasta for a more nutrient-dense dish.

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