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Build better patient relationships by offering them education and peace of mind about gastroenterology conditions and procedures.

Inform patients about diagnostic and preventative procedures like a colonoscopy, upper and lower GI endoscopy, and colorectal cancer screening. Krames even offers information on high fiber diets to keep self care top of mind when it comes to patient’s digestive tracts.

Explore an abundance of patient education materials on common gastroenterology conditions like gerd, hemorrhoids, constipation, hiatal hernias and gastritis. When patients are more educated about these conditions they are better equipped to get the right treatment and take the necessary steps at home to prevent problems in the future like Barrett’s esophagus which is caused by GERD or helicobacter pylori which is caused by ulcers.

Krames also supplies patient education materials covering conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a common digestive tract problem, ulcerative colitis, feeding tubes and dysphagia. /p>

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