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Krames is dedicated to helping women at all stages of life understand and learn about procedures, preventative measures and conditions that they may face. Topics covering gynecology, obstetrics and women’s health are available for you to inform your patients no matter what medical circumstance they may be in.

Below you will find patient education materials covering gynecological topics and procedures such as hysterectomies, butal sterilization and colposcopies. Reinforce the need for preventative care with patient education titles on pap tests, screening for cervical cancer and HPV tests. Give your patients knowledge on conditions like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, vaginal infections, birth control and LEEP procedures so that they can make informed decisions and take hold of their condition.

Provide new mothers brochures and booklets on their journey ahead. Materials on obstetrics topics like basic pregnancy nutrition can inform, educate and prepare new mothers, and help prevent gestational diabetes. Make sure patients are ready for life after the baby with guides on breastfeeding and the baby’s first few weeks. For those where pregnancy is not an easy option, discover the many fertility titles that are available.

Women’s health is important at every stage of life. Continue education for patients on breast health, breast lumps, and breast cancer with patient education booklets and brochures. Give patients peace of mind as they enter menopause by educating them and helping them decide on the right path of treatment.

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