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Make sure you are offering quality podiatry patient education to help those in your care keep their feet healthy. There are many different foot conditions that commonly affect patients. It is important that they know how to recognize symptoms, how to treat the condition, and how to prevent these conditions. Materials below cover topics like tendonitis, hammertoe, flat feet, common nail problems, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, corns and calluses, ganglions, warts, bunions, fungal problems, pressure ulcers, neuromas and gout.

Other disorders like arthritis and peripheral vascular disease can be complicated and overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. Make sure they are informed about treatment options and details of their disorder. Foot surgeries can also be daunting. Krames provides informational materials for patients that cover everything patients need to know about their next foot surgery.

These podiatry informational patient materials are also very useful for patients with diabetes. Diabetics often face many foot issues and need to be hyper vigilant about podiatry care. Simple titles like “Diabetes and Your Feet” outlines everything they need to know about foot care. There are also patient education materials about more serious diabetic foot conditions like peripheral neuropathy.

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