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Krames aims to inform the public on a variety of topics in order to deepen their understanding of diseases and conditions, assist them through decisions and treatment and hopefully prevent further complications. The purpose of these patient education materials is to enhance the quality of service to those in your care and ultimately their quality of life.

Below you will find several categories that contain print packs, brochures, booklets and fast guides. Categories range from patient experience topics—like “you and your healthcare provider”—to general titles geared towards men’s health, women’s health or healthy aging. Krames also provides titles for hyper focused conditions like high blood pressure, how to manage cholesterol and smoking cessation.

Find patient education materials on communicable and infectious diseases like STD’s, HIV and Hepatitis B. Guide patients with cancer through treatment and procedures. There is also a suite of materials focused on the mental health of patients. Explore topics like understanding grief, anxiety, depression, ADHD and PTSD. Provide patients with materials about how to manage stressful events in order to contribute to the well-being of patients.

A big topic for public health is weight management, nutrition and fitness. This is often an area where patients struggle, so give them the resources they need to live their best life. Provide fitness materials that explain how they can walk for better health, and how busy people can stay fit. Nutrition is an important part of general health, too. Krames provides educational materials that guide patients to a healthier lifestyle. Browse topics like healthy eating when dining out, snacking, high fiber diets, quick and easy low fat cooking, choosing fats, reading labels and how sodium can affect health. A great benefit of this basic nutrition and fitness is a healthy heart. Provide patients with the understanding that being active and eating right can lead to a healthy heart.

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