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From now until April 14th we’re offering 50% off select English and Spanish titles!

Choose from titles that:

  • Increase comprehension
  • Build awareness of health risks and prevention strategies
  • Improve compliance with instructions
  • Motivate healthy lifestyles

Shop discounted titles in these specialties:

» Cardiology

» Dental, Diabetes

» Eye Care

» Gastroenterology

» General Surgery

» Health Promotion

» Hospital Care

» Infectious Disease

» Mental Health

» Neurology


» Occupational Health

» Orthopaedic Surgery

» Otolaryngology

» Physical Therapy

» Pulmonary

» Radiology

» Urology

» Vascular Disease

» National Sleep Foundation

» American Lung Association


Prices and availability subject to change. The savings offer expires April 14, 2019 and applies to select Krames Patient Education print products only. KramesArt, electronic, and custom products are not eligible for discount. Offer cannot be combined with volume discounts. Minimum order of $25 (before imprinting/shipping charges) required.

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