Opioids Social Media Package

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Post Text

Day 1

Do you take a prescription opioid? Ask your doctor what you should know to avoid an Rx for trouble.

Day 2

Myth or fact? All people who use prescription painkillers become addicted to them.

Day 3

Painkillers + alcohol = a deadly cocktail!

Tell your doctor if you drink and take other medications before starting a prescription.

Day 4

Myth or fact: If you still feel pain while taking opioids, you should take more.

It’s a myth! Taking too much can be dangerous. Talk with your doctor to see if your prescription needs to change.

Day 5

With opioids, caring is not sharing. To prevent misuse, never take someone else’s prescription or share yours.

Day 6

Accidental overdoses from opioids don’t have to happen. Lock up your prescriptions to prevent poisoning.

Day 7

DYK a woman goes to the emergency room every 3 minutes for misuse or abuse of prescription painkillers? Talk with a doctor or mental health professional if you suspect a problem.

Day 8

Friends and family are often the first to see an opioid overdose. Call 911 if you find someone passed out or with slowed or stopped breathing.

Day 9

Should you add naloxone to your medicine cabinet? Experts suggest it if opioids are in your home. The life-saving medicine can reverse an overdose until help arrives.

Day 10

Insomnia can be a real pain. Pain can make it hard to sleep and taking painkillers has been linked with insomnia. Try these tactics to win back sleep, then see your doctor if you’re still struggling.

Day 11

Suffering with pain? Mindfulness meditation could be one of the best medicines for you.  Give it a try with this guide.

Day 12

Taking your mind off pain can help you control it, whether or not you’re taking medication. Sink into a more relaxed state with meditation. Learn more.

Day 13

Strike a pose for pain relief. Science suggests yoga could reverse the mental anguish you experience from pain. Not sure if yoga is for you? You’d be surprised. Learn more.

Day 14

Close your eyes and imagine this: A future with less pain. Talk with your doctor about solutions that can help you live a happier, healthier life.

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