12072 - The Hemorrhoid Book (Spanish)

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Clearly describes this common problem: symptoms, causes, evaluation, self-care, prevention and surgery. Encourages shared decision and informed consent discussions. Includes engaging full-color photography and enhanced anatomical art to aid comprehension.
  • Anatomy of the anal canal
  • Internal and external hemorrhoids, grading
  • Relieving symptoms: medications, sitz baths, OTC hemorrhoid treatments
  • Managing and preventing constipation: fiber, fluids, exercise
  • Developing good bowel habits
  • Procedures and surgical options: hemorrhoidectomy, sclerothrerapy, banding, infrared coagulation
  • Risks and complications
  • Recovering from surgery
  • When to call your doctor
  • 16 pages, full-color photography and enhanced anatomical artwork
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Language Spanish
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