11989 - Understanding Angioplasty and Stenting

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Full-color photography and newly rendered and enhanced anatomical art aid comprehension. Encourages shared decision and informed consent discussions in considering a treatment plan and creating a life-long action plan for a healthier future. * Signs and symptoms of CAD, risk factors * How CAD develops and what happens when a heart attack occurs * Angiography * Explains balloon angioplasty/stenting in detail * Includes drug-eluting stents * Post-procedure recovery, self-care at home, what to avoid * Updated blood clot and medication information, watching for restenosis * Risks and complications, when to call your doctor * Symptoms to watch for encourage early intervention and treatment of heart attack * Cardiac rehab and managing risk factors * Follow-up monitoring with health care provider * 16 pages, full-color photography and enhanced anatomical artwork

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