Deliver Key Health Messages

Deliver key health messages to your Health Plan members with Krames Patient Education and help reduce the cost of care

Promote health literacy and motivate healthier lifestyles for your health plan members and their families. Give them the tools they need to manage chronic diseases, reduce their health risks and better utilize health care services. Help reduce the cost of care with engaging and effective Krames Patient Education.

Provide engaging, motivating tools that:

  • Build awareness of health risks and disease processes
  • Motivate healthy lifestyles
  • Reach high-risk/high utilization populations
  • Increase compliance with provider’s instructions
  • Manage utilization of health care services
  • Teach self-management, home care for chronic diseases
  • Build awareness of safety and injury risks

Krames Patient Education, from StayWell, has the tools to do all that, and more.

FastGuides Health and Wellness Tools

FastGuides® health and wellness tools promote behavior change and your marketing initiatives.

Our durable, reader-friendly FastGuides are perfect for mail-based initiatives (they fit into a standard business envelope). These brochures feature quick-scan bulleted lists to increase comprehension. Topics cover health and wellness and disease management. Add your logo or contact information to the front cover for maximum brand exposure. View our complete selection of FastGuides.

Make a positive impact on health outcomes and cost reduction with custom fulfillment mail-based interventions.

Deliver your customized disease self-management messages with mail-based interventions. Our cost-effective mail-based interventions help:

  • Improve health
  • Promote wellness
  • Control costs
  • Save time and money
Custom Fulfillment Mail-based Interventions

Our turnkey programs include a mailing package consisting of an envelope and an introductory letter, plus an educational HealthSheet™ and brochure on the chosen health topic, all customized to your brand. See how our custom fulfillment program can help you make a positive impact on health outcomes and cost reduction.

 Our Renowned Workbooks

Envision your brand on our renowned Workbooks that help members manage their chronic conditions.

These comprehensive, interactive Disease Management Workbooks are self-care and self-management resources for chronic conditions including heart disease, heart failure, chronic lung disease and diabetes. The Workbooks contain involvement devices, such as charts and logos, to personalize learning. Three levels of customization are available. Learn more on customizing our Workbooks.

Krames Health Education can help you communicate the information your members need in a way that they’ll best understand. Check out the categories below and start shopping now for easy-to-read patient education that engages and motivates, increases health literacy and promotes better outcomes.

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