12139 - Living Well with Heart Disease Workbook

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Now updated with a fresh design, enhanced anatomical art and a modern look, this comprehensive workbook offers the guidance needed to make lifestyle changes during a cardiac rehab program and at home. Includes information on depression, notes for family and friends, signs of an emergency, and nitroglycerin therapy. Now includes heart disease tests and treatments, such as angioplasty and stenting, and CABG. Instructional illustration style indicates affected muscles and prescribed movements. Reflects JNC-8 and 2010 USDA and USDHHS dietary guidelines. Integrates the Stages of Change model with activities to help set and achieve attainable goals, reinforcing your instructions and improving compliance. Interactive elements, such as quizzes, checklists and journals, and a positive tone, engage patients and keep them actively involved in Living well with heart disease.

  • Borg RPE scale
  • Glossary of common rehab terms
  • Understanding risk factors, setting goals
  • Signs of a heart attack and stroke; know what to do
  • Creating and adopting diet and exercise programs
  • Safety tips, signs of overexertion
  • Managing related conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure
  • Quitting smoking and staying "smoke free"
  • Managing stress, medication programs and more
  • 64-page workbook, full-color photography, illustrations, and enhanced anatomical artwork
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